Specialty Certificates of Added Qualifications (CAQs)

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Achieve recognition for your specialty experience, skills and knowledge through NCCPA’s new certificate of added qualifications (CAQ) program! Believing passionately that certified PAs are critical to the delivery of high quality, accessible, affordable health care, through this program NCCPA is offering the credentials you need to effectively document your specialty experience and expertise.

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About the CAQ Process and Exam

To qualify, PAs must first satisfy two basic pre-requisites: (1) current PA-C certification and (2) possession of a valid, unrestricted license to practice as a PA in at least one jurisdiction in the United States or its territories, or unrestricted privileges to practice as a PA for a government agency. (Note: If a PA holds licenses in multiple states, all of the licenses must be unrestricted.)

Then the CAQ process includes four core requirements: (1) Category 1 specialty CME, (2) one to two years of experience, (3) procedures and patient case experience appropriate for the specialty, and (4) a specialty exam.

The first three core requirements may be completed in any order. Once those are complete, PAs are eligible for the exam.

The cost of this program is just $350, including a $100 administrative fee and a $250 exam registration fee.

Key Dates:

You can register for either the Aug. or Sept. CAQ Exam window, but not both, for the same type of CAQ. 

  • Late November 2016 - CAQ exam scores will be available.

Once awarded, a CAQ will be valid for a period of ten years (provided that licensure status and PA-C certification are maintained).

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Before registering for a Specialty CAQ, you'll want to become familiar with all of the CAQ policies and procedures.