ABMS Portfolio Program

Step 1.

Search here to determine if you are affiliated with a Portfolio Program Sponsor.

No? Encourage your employer to check into the program here. Then search for other PI-CME activities.

Yes? Great! Go on to Step 2.

Step 2.

Contact the appropriate person within your organization (usually that will be the person responsible for QI initiatives or CME) for information about how to participate in a qualifying QI effort. Here we will call that person the “QI coordinator.”

Step 3.

Participate in the QI effort in partnership with one or more physicians from your organization. (This will usually take place over the course of several weeks or months.)

Step 4.

Complete the ABMS Portfolio Program PA Participation Form and submit it to your organization’s QI coordinator.

Then…that’s it for you! All you have to do now is wait while behind the scenes several things take place over the next few weeks.