CME Audit Policy

To ensure the reliability and accuracy of the CME logging, review, and approval processes, NCCPA audits the Category 1 CME submissions for randomly selected PAs.

PAs selected for auditing are required to submit appropriate documentation to support their Category 1 credits. PAs who fail the audit because they reported Category 1 CME credits that could not be substantiated, that were erroneously reported as Category 1 activities, or that were incorrectly categorized as self-assessment or performance improvement CME will retain certification but will be audited again during the next two-year certification maintenance cycle and will be subject to the following additional requirements which must be completed prior to the expiration of their current two-year NCCPA certification including:

  1. Any Category 1 credits that could not be substantiated must be replaced with valid, appropriately-documented Category 1 credits.

  2. A Re-audit Fee must be paid.

In the second audit, PAs are required to submit appropriate documentation as they log their Category 1 credits. If all required credits (including replacement credits) are not earned, logged and documented before the end of the certification expiration year, certification will lapse.

PAs who successfully maintain certification during the second audit, including completing the requirements specified above for the failed audit, will also be subject to an additional audit of their Category 1 credits in at least one of their next three certification maintenance cycles.

Disciplinary Matters Arising from the Audit Process. Except as provided above, PAs who fail an audit may be subject to loss of certification, in accordance with NCCPA’s Policies and Procedures for PA Disciplinary MattersThe disciplinary review process will be initiated when PAs fail to respond satisfactorily to an audit notification letter, refuse to submit to an audit, are suspected of falsifying documentation or attempting fraud in reporting CME credits, fail multiple audits, or otherwise fail to comply with the CME audit policy.

Disciplinary action arising from the audit process may include the revocation of certification and/or of eligibility for certification and other remedies as outlined in the Policies and Procedures for PA Disciplinary Matters.

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