NCCPA Research

Most Recent Report: 

NCCPA has published the 2019 Statistical Profile of Certified Physician Assistants by State. This report provides insights into the demographics and workforce trends for Recently Certified PAs.

Other Reports:

Requesting Data for Research Projects and Studies:

NCCPA has a robust repository of data on certified PA demographic and practice characteristics, and the organization is grateful to the certified PAs who take the time and effort to provide this data. A variety of reports, publications, tables, charts, and graphs reflecting data collected by NCCPA are provided on this section of the organization’s website.  

In addition to the publication of those reports, NCCPA pursues a research agenda that focuses on its core activities and the ongoing evaluation and improvement of its exams and certification program. NCCPA is also committed to collaborating with external researchers to share data in appropriate and ethical ways to further advance the health and safety of the public or otherwise conduct useful research related to PAs. To facilitate research collaborations, NCCPA has developed Policies for the Review of Requests for Data and External Research Collaboration and guidelines that describe the process external researchers must follow for submitting requests for data and how those requests will be reviewed.