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PAs at REPRESENT! NCCPA Summit® To Advance Diversity

“When They See Us,” the biennial REPRESENT! NCCPA Summit is taking place on Sept. 16-17, 2024 in Atlanta.

The REPRESENT! NCCPA Summit aims to equip attendees with best practices to develop and sustain DEI efforts within PA organizations and workplaces, promote inclusivity within PA educational and professional communities and diversify the PA workforce to address health equity gaps.

The inaugural summit was held in 2022, and some of the attendees continue to meet virtually with DEI leaders quarterly.

The REPRESENT! NCCPA Summit registration is open to clinically practicing PAs, PA faculty, leaders of PA organizations, physicians, employers, and other academic DEI leaders. While the summit is free to attend, registration is required and participants are responsible for their own travel and hotel costs. A limited number of hotel rooms have been reserved at a group rate.

PA students are encouraged to apply for attendance. Selected students will receive complimentary travel and accommodation.

This year, the 1.5-day interactive event will be comprised of interactive discussions, guided activities, panels and poster exhibitions that explore DEI challenges in various clinical settings.

To submit a poster presentation, view guidelines for submission here. Visit for more information and to register.