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NCCPA Debuts Updated PAsDoThat Website

Certified PAs practice medicine in every specialty and every setting across the United States. Collectively they see over 9.5 million patients per year, yet many still receive the common question, “What is a PA?” The answer to that question and many more are answered on the newly redesigned PAsDoThat website.

The redesigned site features a fresh, new look; interactive features, videos and downloads to help site visitors to better understand who PAs are and what they do.

Though the site has long been available to anyone who desires to learn about PAs, the updated site seeks to reach two key audiences – patients and younger students who may be considering a career in medicine.

“One of the most frequent requests that we receive from PAs is related to the need for more patient resources,” says NCCPA Senior Director of Communications Erica Banks. “PAs want materials to share with their patients so that they can be better informed about how PAs prepare to practice medicine, the care that they provide and how this benefits them.”

She continues, “We also receive a fair amount of feedback related to the next generation of PAs. So many students aren’t aware of this profession, and a good number of PAs that we’ve spoken to only learned about the profession by chance. We know that we need to help facilitate an early introduction to the profession to students so that they see being a physician assistant as a viable career path. This site will provide an easy way for them to access resources as they contemplate becoming a PA.”

In the upcoming weeks, information on the various specialties in which PAs practice medicine, featured PA profiles and resources in multiple languages will be added to the site.

“Our plan is to offer dynamic content each month that really energizes people about PAs. We want every site visitor to come away with a greater understanding and enthusiasm about the high-quality, accessible care that PAs can provide.”

You can visit the redesigned site at