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Important Information Regarding PANRE-LA Eligible PAs

We are pleased to inform you that you have two options available for your recertification exam requirement – the new PANRE-Longitudinal Assessment (PANRE-LA) and the traditional PANRE. Over the past several years, NCCPA has investigated trends in recertification, conducted a Pilot program, and gathered feedback from PAs to help inform decisions for the new recertification alternative. A summary of each option is provided below, and more detailed information is available on our websiteIf you choose the PANRE-LA option, you must apply by November 30, 2022.

Option 1: New PANRE-LA

The PANRE-LA is similar to the Pilot you may have heard about, but changes were incorporated based on feedback received from PAs.

  • PANRE-LA is administered over 12 quarters from January 2023 – December 2025, but you may complete it in only 8 quarters. You can take this assessment online, at your convenience, and using your own device.
  • Every quarter, beginning January 2023, you will have access to 25 questions, and you will have 5 minutes per question. You can log in/out as often as you like during the quarter to complete as many questions as you want during each session. You may use references to help you find or verify your answer selection.
  • You’ll know right away if you answered questions correctly, and you’ll be provided with a rationale that provides additional information on the question and the answer choices. Plus, you’ll have access to this information throughout your participation in the process so you can review topics you missed. Later, in the process, you’ll receive questions on topics you missed to help reinforce your knowledge in those areas.
  • Because this is a learning experience, you’ll also earn 2 Category I Self-Assessment CME credits for each quarter where you complete all 25 questions.
  • You must participate in at least 1 quarter in 2023 and 1 quarter in 2024. Your score will be based on 8 quarters. If you haven’t passed after 8 quarters, you can continue until the end of the last quarter in 2025. Your score will be calculated after each additional quarter, using your best 8 quarters. As soon as you pass, you’ve completed the program. If you don’t pass, you will still have up to 3 attempts to take and pass the traditional PANRE.
  • The application period is from July 5 – November 30, 2022. If you miss the application period, you will be required to take the traditional PANRE.
  • To apply for PANRE-LA, sign in to your online record at and select the “Apply Now” link in the Recertifying Exam Status section of your dashboard.