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NCCPA Empowers PAs at AAPA 2024

NCCPA was a proud sponsor of the AAPA 2024 Conference in Houston. The event united nearly 5,000 participants, including Board Certified PAs, PA students, pre-PAs, speakers and exhibitors.

At the NCCPA booth, attendees found a wealth of information on various topics such as PANCE, PANRE/PANRE-LA, CAQs and the PA-C credential. The booth offered real-time answers and insights, empowering attendees to stay informed.

In a packed room of PA students, NCCPA Director of Communications and PA Relations Alicia Quella, Ph.D, PA-C along with Jeff Boswell, Presentation, Exhibits and Events Manager delivered an engaging overview of the PANCE. Their presentation, “PANCE at a Glance,” provided key strategies for the success needed to excel on this critical exam.

Quella also presented an update on the NCCPA focus areas, specifically highlighting recertification options (PANRE/PANRE-LA) and the introduction of new CAQs.

Q&A with NCCPA Leadership

Conference participants had the opportunity to engage directly with NCCPA leadership during a Q&A session. Concerns were addressed and attendees gained a deeper understanding of NCCPA initiatives and its ongoing commitment to advancing the PA profession.

Spotlight on Research

NCCPA also showcased its dedication to research by presenting three posters during the conference. “PA Career Flexibility: Factors Associated with Changing Specialties,” by NCCPA Senior Director of Research Andrzej Kozikowski, Ph.D; “Comparative Analysis of PAs Characteristics in Urban vs. Rural Settings” by NCCPA Research Analyst Kasey Puckett, MPH and “Characteristics of Physician Associate Hospitalists” by NCCPA Research Scientist Mirela Bruza-Augatis, Ph.D, MS, PA-C.

Bruza-Augatis (pictured above) also presented, “Striking the Right Balance: Personal and Professional Factors Associated with Work-Life Balance Among Physician Assistants/Associates (PAs),” which was the subject of a Medscape article covering the conference.

Showcasing Knowledge

NCCPA continued its tradition of sponsorship by supporting the AAPA Medical Challenge Bowl. PA students engaged in a spirited competition, demonstrating their medical knowledge and their passion for excellence.

In 2025, the AAPA Conference will return to Denver, Colo. Registration opens Oct. 30.

A Look Back at NCCPA’s Time at the AAPA Conference in Houston (Watch Video)