Lost Certification?

We're glad that you are interested in regaining your certification!

PAs who have lost certification may regain it by fulfilling CME requirements and passing PANRE.

  1. First sign in to your record and log, or verify that you have logged, at least 100 Category 1 CME credits earned within the two-year period ending on the date your PANRE application is submitted to NCCPA. For example, if you plan on applying for PANRE on March 1, 2020, your CME earning window will be March 1, 2018-March 1, 2020. You can apply any CME credits that you have previously earned within the timeframe mentioned above. 

  2. Then apply for PANRE and, after receiving your exam acknowledgement email, schedule your exam as soon as you desire to take it following certification expiration. (After that first attempt to regain certification, if unsuccessful on the exam you may take PANRE only one time in any single 90-day period.)

Exception: PAs who have lost eligibility for certification due to NCCPA disciplinary proceedings must first apply to reestablish eligibility.

Next steps?

You can log your CME credits, apply and pay for the exam online at your personal record.