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In honor of Juneteenth , our office will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th, 2024.


Access the Administrative Certification Extension Policy here.


Access the Administrative Certification Extension Policy

In the event you do not earn or log all required CME credits and/or pay required fees by December 31 of your certification maintenance expiration year, you will be automatically given a one-month extension of your board certification to allow additional time for the completion of those requirements.
Your board certification will expire unless you (1) remit a non-refundable administrative certification extension fee and then (2) complete all outstanding requirements no later than January 31.
If you do not meet all requirements by January 31 and desire to regain board certification, you must do so in accordance with current policies and may not request an additional extension absent satisfactory documentation of extraordinary extenuating circumstances.

*PAs who did not pass their first audit and are undergoing a second audit are ineligible for administrative certification extensions. They must fulfill all necessary requirements by their deadline to maintain certification.