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NCCPA to Release Additional Portal Security Enhancements to Protect Your Data

One year after the release of its two-factor (2FA) authentication feature, NCCPA proactively continues efforts to enhance the security of its PA, state board and file manager portals.

Beginning on August 26, new password requirements will go into effect for the portals. Passwords must:

  • be at least eight characters in length, and no ore than 64 characters
  • contain at least one number
  • contain at least one uppercase letter
  • contain at least one lowercase letter
  • contain at least one special character

Upon login, users that have passwords that do not meet the new requirements will receive the prompt below and will be required to update their password.

If a user has a password that meets the new requirements, they will not see this screen and will not be required to reset their password.

Users that are not currently using NCCPA’s two-factor authentication feature will be taken to the 2FA screen. On this screen users will have the options to either: enable the feature, to have a reminder to set up the feature later, or to decline use of the feature and not receive a reminder. If a user elects to be reminded later, they will be prompted each time that they log in until they say yes or no.

For questions regarding the updated password requirements or two-factor authentication, please contact us.