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Multitalented PA Bridges Medicine and Music

Celebrating Black Excellence: Christophe E. Jackson, PhD, DMA, MSPAS, PA-C, Is a Change Agent Through The Arts


In recognition of the Black History Month theme, “African Americans and the Arts,” we would like to draw attention to the exceptional achievements of Christophe E. Jackson, PhD, DMA, MSPAS, PA-C. As a dedicated Board Certified PA, he not only has a wide-ranging medical expertise that includes neurosurgery, urology, trauma surgery and infectious disease, but also a deep passion for the arts and music.

Jackson’s diverse experiences and talents make him an inspiring figure in both health care and the world of arts.

“Many wonder why I work in multiple disciplines at the same time. Simply put, it is because it benefits the patients,” Jackson said. “By building relationships and honing my skills across different fields, I am able to provide better care and demonstrate more empathy. The overlaps between the areas of medicine offer yet more instruments in my toolkit.”

A native of New Orleans, Jackson’s commitment to serving underrepresented populations is evident through his recent endeavors. He spearheaded Atlanta’s first PrEP-STI clinic at Atlanta Cosmetic Urology to provide access to sexual health services without stigma for patients. He also expanded his expertise to provide culturally competent care for patients with infectious diseases, men’s health issues and urinary conditions.

“How can a patient feel comfortable when their needs are not even being addressed in the representation of who provides them care,” Jackson said.

A vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the PA profession, Jackson believes that increased representation can significantly improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

According to the 2022 NCCPA Statistical Profile of Board Certified PAs, 3.3% of PAs identify as Black/African American. Jackson also champions LGBTQ+ rights and actively works to remove barriers to health care.

“As a biracial gay provider, my patients from all walks of life truly appreciate someone who is willing to see life through their lens,” he said. “How can I treat and heal you – when I can’t see you?”

Jackson’s innovative approach to patient care positions him as a trailblazer in the PA community. Beyond his clinical endeavors, he is also a musician and a researcher who studies the effects of music on cognition, performance and stress in underserved communities.

With an impressive academic background, including doctorates in neurobiology, mechanical engineering, and piano performance, Jackson leverages his multifaceted expertise to tackle health care challenges creatively.

“My diverse skill set has provided multiple ways of solving and viewing a particular problem,” Jackson said. “I am able to bridge information and facilitate critical communication required to ensure nothing gets missed during both procedural and patient aspects.”

His passion for music, nurtured since childhood, has profoundly influenced his approach to patient care.

“The best approach to performing and listening to music is often by observing what is not being played or said. Music communicates completely,” Jackson said. “With respect to patient care, sometimes patients don’t express what they feel or need, for different reasons. I try to listen to the melodies of everyone’s song.”

To hear excerpts from Jackson’s performances, click here.