Surgery - Ophthalmic Self-Assessment and PI-CME Activities

AAPA has reported that the activities listed below have been approved by them for self-assessment or PI-CME credit.

We have NOT listed activities in which participation is limited to employees of a particular institution or activities that are no longer available. Also, many live events offer self-assessment credits but come and go before we are notified that credit has been granted for them. AAPA maintains a list of all such self-assessment and PI-CME activities.

Otherwise, as AAPA reports that other activities have been approved, we will add them to these lists.

We have worked to ensure the accuracy of the details presented here and hope you find them helpful. However, the availability and cost of these activities can be changed at any time by the CME providers. Please let us know if you see anything that appears to be outdated, and we will work quickly to correct it.

Self-Assessment CME: None Available



Max Credits


Date Activity Expires to Qualify as PI

Activity: Hand Hygiene in the Healthcare Setting

Provider: California Academy of Physician Assistants


$100 Members

$175 Nonmembers


Activity: Performance Improvement- Patient Safety: Needle Sticks, Body Fluid Exposures, Patient Falls, Medication Errors

Provider: CME Procedures, LLC




Activity: Surgical Safety Time Out Performance Improvement CME

Provider: Intralign Health, LLC


$199 Members

$299 Nonmembers