Inspirational Quotes for PA Students

We know that preparing for PANCE can be stressful, the unknown usually is. But the PAs below have been where you are and have come out on the other side - as certified PAs! They have offered words of encouragement below that we hope will help alleviate some of the stress and worry you might be experiencing. Good luck on the next phase of your career!


"You can never study enough, so keep some balance in your life!" -  Leslie Smith, PA-C


"Learn the material the best as you can during school, so you wouldn't have to study/cram/stress out when you take the exam."
Khoa Thanh Nguyen Le, PA-C


"Study for a solid month, and focus on doing practice questions (it is important to study diseases, treatments, etc., but practicing actual board questions will get you into a rhythm). I probably did more than 2000 practice questions prior to taking the PANCE."
Matt Rittle, PA-C


"It's about the people we serve. Your patients are as valuable as your own family. Remember that this is a calling as much as it is a profession."
Neil Moody, Jr., PA-C


"We "practice" medicine. And it takes a lifetime to learn that practice."
Joanne Oliveri Domingo, PA-C