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The nccPA Health Foundation believes passionately that certified PAs can help bridge the gap in health care by addressing the oral health needs of their patients as integral to overall health.  The Foundation is also an active participant in the PA Leadership Initiative in Oral Health supported by the National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health (NIIOH).

You're invited! PAs and others are joining together to promote equitable health care by integrating oral health. Watch the trailer for Joining the Fight for Oral Health: Promoting Health Equity and then be the change to improve health.  

Ready to learn more about the oral-systemic connection and the importance of oral health across the life span? Stream Joining the Fight for Oral Health, and then get involved using the Foundation's grants and other resources.


View additional installments from our profession-neutral video series that features PAs, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, patients, and other sharing about opportunities to "put the mouth back in the body."

Joining the Fight for Oral Health – Full Length (21:22)
Patient Education and Medication Management (8:20)


The nccPA Health Foundation offers two grant opportunities for those seeking to take a leadership role in education, practice, or outreach to reduce oral health disparities.

  • Community Outreach Grant:  Receive up to $500 to work with PA colleagues in your state or specialty society, your student society, or your PA program to design a project around oral health in your community.

  • Research Integration Grant:  Receive up to $3,000 to integrate oral health into your PA program curriculum or your clinical practice and evaluate your strategies. Not sure where to get started? Check out the oral health toolkits below.

Grants are reviewed on a first come, first served basis until all funds are expended. These activities are part of the PA Leadership Initiative in Oral Health and were originally supported by the National Interprofessional Initiative in Oral Health (NIIOH) with funding from the DentaQuest Foundation and Washington Dental Service Foundation.  

View additional funding sources on our Grants Opportunity page.



  • Virginia Oral Health Coalition Tool Kit  (2016):  True integration is bi-directional and collaborative.  Use this tool kit to finds ways to integrate oral health across dental, medical, behavioral health, pharmacy and social support services practices

  • Pediatric Oral Health Outreach Toolkit (2016):  This guide for PA program student societies was assembled by SAAAPA's service volunteer group. Plan your own outreach event and apply for a community outreach grant.

  • Oral health fact sheet (2016):  Improve your patient's oral health literacy with these user-friendly and easy to understand handouts that highlight the importance of oral health to overall health, oral health and diabetes, oral health for older adults, and oral health and HPV. Handouts are available in both English and Spanish.  

  • Innovations in Oral Health Tool Kit (2015):  Use this toolkit to facilitate a) the integration of oral health into interprofessional, team-based health education across interdisciplinary health professions and b) promote a team-based, collaborative practice approach to oral health promotion and disease prevention in primary care and community-based settings.

  • American Dental Association (2017):  Oral Health and Well Being in the US evaluates the connection between oral health and overall well-being for people in the US and provides state specific information on how adults feel about oral health and their ability to gain employment, whether poor oral health limits social activity, and expectations for oral health as they age.

  • US Department of Health and Human Services (2016): Oral Health Strategic Framework, 2014-2017

  • Qualis White Paper (2015):  Oral Health:  An Essential Component of Primary Care

  • HRSA (2014):  Integration of Oral Health in Primary Care

  • All 4 Oral Health Blog


Share ideas, ask questions, or learn more about our work.  Plus, tell us what you’re doing to integrate oral health in your role as a PA!