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National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)10/20/2015
October Newsletter

Its Your Turn...Help Us Tell the World: #PAs Do That!

**New Grants for Community Health Projects**

Certification Expiring this Year?

Thank You for Your Input

Historical Happenings Fall Newsletter

Keeping Up with PA History

It’s Your Turn…Help Us Tell the World: #PAsDoThat!

NCCPA promotes the role, qualifications and value of certified PAs to physicians, employers, media, the public, students, medical boards, insurers and policymakers. We know you also work to inform others about the PA profession, and today we are announcing new Marketing and Community Outreach resources to help you share more about all the amazing things you and other certified PAs do.

This web page includes the following tools:

  • A presentation certified PAs can deliver when asked to speak about what PAs do
  • A flier about what certified PAs do that you can print and give to patients
  • Sample press releases you can send to your local news media on certification, recertification and joining a new practice/employer
  • Links to videos and articles you can share

When you use those tools, you will be supporting our PAs Do That campaign. Launched in July, so far the campaign has included advertising, a national press release and news articles.

Most recently, activities we undertook surrounding PA Week included:

  • Issuing a national press release and providing fliers for PAs to print encouraging patients to tell their social networks how great PAs are
  • Working with eight large employers to publish “PAs Do That” articles in their newsletters or on their social media networks
  • Presenting and exhibiting at the National Association of Medical Staff Services with AAPA to make sure credentialers understand and value the NCCPA credentials you hold
  • Equipping 10,500 PA students with bookmarks about certified PAs to distribute to patients while on their rotations (plus water bottles for their own use to celebrate their stellar career choice!)

Let’s keep it going together and tell the world: #PAsDoThat!

Here and at the bottom of this newsletter you'll find examples of PAs who have shared with us on Facebook. Go to our Facebook page and share your experiences with us!

Bryan Wogen, PA-C and Anthony Bells, PA-C

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New Grants for Community Health Projects

“When one neighbor helps another, we strengthen our communities.” -Jennifer Pahlka, founder and executive director, Code for America

To build stronger communities, the nccPA Health Foundation is offering a new $500 funding opportunity for PAs leading outreach activities to promote health.

This new grant is part of the Foundation’s work to advance the role of certified PAs to improve health.  

“PAs make important contributions as community leaders in promoting health through their practice and volunteer efforts, and this grant strives to support and extend that good work,” said Dawn Morton-Rias, Ed.D., PA-C, NCCPA and Foundation President and CEO. “I’m so proud to be part of an engaged profession that leverages its unique clinical knowledge and skills to foster healthier futures.”

The program affords PAs the flexibility to design the activity that is of greatest need in their community and offers up to $500 to support those efforts through their PA, community-based, or other social organizations. Applications will be accepted at any time.

“Health equity is the opportunity for everyone to be healthy,” said Foundation Board Chair Cynthia B. Lord, MHS, PA-C. “Unfortunately, there are vast disparities in our communities. Our goal is to foster this important work by providing funding as well as highlighting PAs as ‘difference-makers’ in health care.”

Are you a difference-maker? Review the guidelines for the Foundation’s new funding opportunity and apply today.   

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Certification Expiring this Year? 3 Reasons Not to Wait

You’re busy. Work, family, and volunteer roles keep you moving from one thing to the next. But it is time – time to wrap up your certification maintenance activities for the 2013-2015 cycle.

Tempted to keep putting it off? Here are three reasons not to wait:

  1. We are approaching the busiest time of year. Just behind the jack-o-lanterns, the reindeer are peeking out of the store aisles. The holiday season with all the hustle and bustle it brings is pretty much here. Yes, already. That means things only get busier from here.
  2. Life happens. Power goes out, the flu breaks out, people make mistakes... Leaving PANRE, earning CME, or even just logging CME credits you’ve already earned to the eleventh hour sets you up to potentially fall victim to circumstance. Leaving yourself margin for mistakes or whatever life throws at you this quarter is just smart.
  3. Certification matters to you. Chances are good that your license, your job or reimbursement for at least some of your patients require it. Even beyond that, the PA-C is a matter of professional identity and (hopefully) pride. Doesn’t it make sense to make this a priority now?

Sign in today to review your “To Do” list, get those things taken care of, and enjoy knowing that something really important is done for the year.

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Thank You for Your Input!

Thank you to the over 9,000 PAs who completed our survey about PANRE last month. Those responses will help us better understand PAs’ priorities and opinions on this important topic.

Results of this survey will be added to feedback we have already collected from certified PAs through the Practice Analysis Survey, other PA surveys conducted during the last 18 months, and comments captured through ongoing and regular communication with PA groups and individuals. All of that will inform decisions about potential changes to the recertification process.

We will provide an update on those discussions before the end of the year.

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Keeping Up with PA History

Thanks to all the PA History enthusiasts who participated in the Society’s “PA History Trivia” Contest during PA Week. Congratulations to these lucky winners who were first to respond with correct answers during the week: Len Eidson, Lori Barlow Smith, Sue Ryter, Cathy Christy Ruff, Les Howard, Bowie Tran, Barbara Ann Lyons, Jennifer Ross Baldwin, Stephen Joyner, Chris Ricketts, Michel Statler, Yvonne Jones-Wicks, Tami Lee, and Sharon Girard!!

We hope you enjoyed the trivia and learned some fun historical facts about our fabulous profession!

If you’re attending the PAEA Education Forum next month, please stop by the PAHx Booth #204 in the Exhibit Hall. We’ll have water bottles, pens, and bookmarks to give away, and we’ll be demonstrating the Educational & Historian Toolkits.  

Check out the latest edition of Historical Happenings, and visit the PA History's website for information on all things PA history!

If you haven't already done so, be sure to "like" PA History on Facebook to receive updates, and to try your hand with PA history trivia!


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Our website was unavailable for several days last week due to an internal system problem. We have contacted any PAs we identified that might have been impacted. If you accessed and entered information into your online record between last Wednesday night and Thursday morning, you will need to re-enter that information again. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused and are working to ensure it doesn't happen again.

In The News

At NCCPA, we work to promote the role, impact and qualifications of PAs in many ways including through the media. Here are some recent results.

See our most recent press release, alerting the media to PA Week. Read: Certified PAs Provide Value-Based Care, Patients Benefit.

Inside Healthcare published an article by Jeff Fisher, PA- C, on how PAs can help practices to grow and become more profitable.

Read certified PA Adam Riso’s account of how PAs Can Help Improve EHR Implementation in the latest Physicians Practice blog. This blog was also picked up and run by Diagnostic Imaging.

Want to get involved? If you have a great article idea or a story to share, contact PR manager, Mary Rittle, at

Feedback and questions are always welcome. Email us at or contact our President/CEO.
The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants is dedicated to serving the interest of the public. We do so with a passionate belief that certified physician assistants are essential members of the health care delivery team who provide millions access to more affordable, high quality health care.

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