Imbued with a strong sense of responsibility to assure that PAs meet professional standards of knowledge and skills, the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) strives to meet the needs of its stakeholders efficiently, effectively and honorably.

Our Mission, Our Purpose

NCCPA is the only certifying organization for PAs in the United States. Established as a not-for-profit organization in 1974, NCCPA provides certification programs that reflect standards for clinical knowledge, clinical reasoning and other medical skills and professional behaviors required upon entry into practice and throughout the careers of PAs.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide the way we make decisions and conduct ourselves as individuals and as an organization. We believe that values must be embodied by everyone who is part of our enterprise, and we are committed to the PRACTICE of:

Professionalism – We show genuine respect and regard for those we certify and for their patients, serving others before ourselves.

Responsibility – We are dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of the credential we confer with the ultimate aim of supporting public access to quality health care that is fair, just, and equitable; and we recognize a responsibility to apply our experience and expertise to benefit the international development of the PA profession.

Accountability – We embrace the obligation we bear as the PA profession’s certification body to develop and administer exams and programs that are relevant, meaningful and affordable, and we
hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards for the development and delivery of our products and services.

Collaboration – We foster intellectual exchange, invite the input of key stakeholders, and seek diverse perspectives to inform our work built on a shared vision of the role of the PA on the health care team.

Trust – We recognize that earning trust is an ongoing endeavor that requires integrity and ethical, credible and dependable performance.

Inclusion – We are committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work and endeavor to foster diversity within the PA profession and health care.

Certification – We believe in the inherent value of certification and certification maintenance as a career-long pursuit that fosters ongoing learning and development for the benefit of those who rely upon PAs for care.

Excellence – We thoughtfully and purposefully seek ways to build stakeholder confidence and add value to the products and services we provide, always working to address changing needs appropriately and effectively.

Vision Statement: Our Envisioned Future

NCCPA promotes high-quality patient care in the changing world of medicine through certification and recertification. PAs, patients, and other stakeholders view the PA-C credential as a commitment to evidence-based, equitable, accessible care. NCCPA is an innovative global leader that is respected for its data-driven decision-making, integrity, and research.

NCCA Accreditation

NCCA Accreditation NCCPA Accredited Programs
NCCPA has earned accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The NCCA is the accrediting arm of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE). Established in 1977 as a nonprofit organization, ICE is a leader in setting quality standards for certifying organizations.

Our History

Our history has set the stage for a bold future. Learn more about how NCCPA got started and review our achievements over the years.

Sample Physician Assistant Certification Certificate
Dawn Morton-Rias

NCCPA Leadership

The vast experiences and rich diversity of NCCPA’s leadership and Board of Directors contribute greatly to the success of our organization. Meet our team and learn more about what they bring to NCCPA.

Careers at NCCPA

For consecutive years NCCPA has been named one of the best places to work in health care. Find out why and learn more about opportunities to join our team as your explore careers with NCCPA.

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Volunteer with NCCPA

Certified PAs are at the heart of everything that we do at NCCPA. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities and how your involvement can assist in making a big impact on the profession.