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Competencies for the PA Profession is the result of an almost two year effort by a multi-organization workgroup charged with taking the first step in addressing the public outcry for higher quality and greater accountability in health care.

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Through the nccPA Health Foundation, NCCPA is giving back to the PA profession. Read more about our exciting projects, and join us!

Want to review the history of the PA profession? Visit Physician Assistant History Office.

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NCCPA has a formal appeals policy. If you need to file an appeal to request an exception to policy or extension of certification maintenance requirements due to extenuating circumstances such as being called to active duty, you will need to submit the Request for an Exception to Policy form and supporting documentation. (Submission instructions with examples of supporting documentation are listed on the second page of the form.)

If you believe that some unusual event or condition relating to your exam administration caused a significant adverse effect on your performance, you may submit a grievance regarding the exam administration. However, an exam grievance may not be used to challenge exam design, content or a failing score. To report a grievance, you must submit to the NCCPA within three (3) business days after the exam in question, a dated and signed letter describing the situation with any relevant supporting documentation.  If you need to file an exam grievance regarding the administration of your exam, you can submit your written, dated and signed request to ( or fax 678-417-8135) to NCCPA. Make sure to include your NCCPA ID number and signature in the letter and any supporting documentation.

Need a receipt letter? To print a receipt for any payments made to NCCPA since 2004, sign in to your personal certification record at