For Providers

Thank you for choosing to use our Conference Logging System! We know that you will find that this feature is a great asset for you and your attendees!

As you get started using the system, there are a few things that we want to bring to your attention:

  • Remember that the login and password are case sensitive. The login and password that we sent to you should be entered just as you see it on the email.

  • If you choose to upload your session and attendee files instead of entering each one individually, please review the File Import Help to see the format that you will need to use. This information can also be found on the left-hand side of your homepage after signing in.

  • We provide a flyer that can be distributed to your attending PAs that includes instructions for logging their hours by using the conference logging system.

The Conference Logging Team would like to remind you of some of the Terms and Conditions for using this system:

  1. Your organization is responsible for entering the following information via the web-based portal, at least five days before your conference's start date:

    1. the titles of all Category 1-approved sessions and workshops, start date and time, and number of Category 1 credits for which each session has been approved (please note: all SA/PI activities must be preapproved as Category 1 Self-Assessment or Category 1 Performance Improvement); and

    2. the first name, last name and zip code of each pre-registered attendee. If available, you should also include the attendee's NCCPA identification number and email address.

  2. Your final attendee list is due five days after your conference end date.

  3. By agreeing to these "Terms and Conditions," you are accepting responsibility for (1) the accuracy of information submitted by you including your conference's session details and attendee list and (2) notifying your attendees about the process for logging credits earned at your conference. You can also view a complete list of the Terms and Conditions.

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