Physician-PA Teams: 


“PAs extend the coverage of the physician. When they’re utilized on healthcare teams, patients can be seen more quickly and efficiently. That’s extremely important, especially in emergency medicine.”
Michael Lipscomb, MD
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 We consider our PA colleagues to be an extremely important part of our practice,” says Dr. Young. “We rely on them for their intelligence, their technical skills and their oversight of patients, as well as to be a liaison with patients’ families and other team members in our practice.”

J. Nilas Young, M.D.
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“PAs benefit the patient and the physician. Patients are definitely seen sooner, because if I am busy with one patient, Christopher can step in to work up, diagnose, treat, and help get patients admitted if necessary. PAs help the physician by being able do most things a doctor does. We discuss each case, and they provide another set of eyes and hands.”
Dr. Lawrence Schiff
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