Mobile App FAQs

Q. Who/which PAs can use the app?

A. All currently certified PAs can download and use the NCCPA Mobile App.

Q. How many times can I view the tutorial?

A. The tutorial will be available the first time the app is launched, but will not appear when accessing the app on subsequent visits.

Q. My CME activity title is really long, how do I log it all?

A. Use the voice recognition option on your device.

Can you download, save or print a CME transcript from the NCCPA Mobile App?

A. Unfortunately, you cannot download, save or print a CME transcript from the app. However, you can sign in to your record at and do those things.

Q. Can you print a CME certificate from the NCCPA Mobile App?

A. Unfortunately, you cannot print a CME certificate from the app. However, you can sign in to your record at and print one.


Q. Do I need to keep my CME certificates if I upload them to the app?

A. Because the app is new, we would recommend that you keep a copy of your Category 1 certificates for the current cycle and the previous cycle, in case you are selected for an audit.

Q. Can I view my CME certificates from the NCCPA website in addition to my mobile device?

A. Yes, you can view your CME certificates at by signing in to your record, in addition to your mobile device.


Q. How do I delete a file attached to a non-conference CME activity?

A. Press and hold the picture icon and you will receive the message “Do you want to delete this attachment?” and you will be given the option to click “OK” or “Cancel”.

Q. Where do I find my CME details?

A. Click on the CME credit details option and this will show you the specific CME you have logged.


Q. Can you rotate the app?

A. No, the app only functions in portrait mode from an iPhone and landscape from an iPad.


Q. Can I see a tutorial on the app?

A. Yes, click on the tutorial button within the app.


Q. I am having technical difficulties with the app. Who do I contact?

A. Contact NCCPA at or call 678-417-8100.


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