PA Program Resources

Welcome to the resources page of the PA Program Portal. Below is a pdf of the PA program user manual which may be useful as you navigate through the site. You will also find important information to share with your students.

PA Program User Manual - includes step-by-step instructions for entering student information, graduation confirmations and accessing reports.

NCCPA Videos

The links below are to informative videos on becoming certified.

What to Expect about PANCE 
What to Expect on Test Day


The following resources are available for your use in educating your students in the initial certification process. The PANCE Presentation is a copy of the presentation given to graduating students to explain the initial certification process. The Special Accommodations Guidelines, Code of Conduct and Name and ID Policy are web pages that can be printed and distributed to your students.

PANCE Presentation
Special Accommodations Guidelines

Code of Conduct
NCCPA Practice Exams
Name and ID Policy for Testing
NCCPA Newsletters
PA History Society
nccPA Health Foundation