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Join the Fight. Be the Change for Optimal Health


We’re calling on all PAs to get engaged with volunteer and outreach efforts to foster more equitable health care. 

Certified PA Tiffany Haynie knows changing health systems is a challenge, but she encourages PAs, “All it takes is a little effort every day to try to be a little bit better, and you’ll be able to make a big difference in this world.”

Cleveland Clinic Surgical PA Karen Roane, PA-C, adds, “That’s how we define ourselves – by the people we take care of; not necessarily by the letters that are behind our names but by what we do and how impactful we are to the people around us.”

Watch the trailer above of PAs, students, and others as they share their perspectives on why it’s important to strive for health equity, and how integrating oral health into PA practice is one strategy for promoting more equitable care. Stream the full length video here.

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Be the C.H.A.N.G.E. with up to $1,000 in Grant Funding

Apply for up to $1,000 in funding as part of the nccPA Health Foundation's "Be the CHANGE" grants program to Create Health Access Now for Greater Equity. Reaching Hands

As of June 30, 2016, the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) reported staggering numbers of people live in areas where it is difficult to access primary medical care (more than 62 million), dental care (more than 49 million), mental health care (more than 99.5 million). These numbers underscore how unequal access to care contributes to health disparities.

"The statistics describing access to care are staggering; but if we each commit to a change, we can make a big impact," said Dawn Morton-Rias, Ed.D., PA-C, NCCPA and Foundation President and CEO. "We challenge PAs to identify the difference you can make, whether its providing patient education, screenings, or delivering care to those who might not otherwise have access to it.”

Certified PAs, PA organizations, and PA students may apply for funding; and activities may take place at a PA-, community-based, or other social organizations. Applications will be considered as they are received; and grants awarded based on merit, in amounts up to $1,000 until all funds are expended.

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Eighteen PA and five dental students participated in an oral health community outreach event at an elementary school that reached more than 60 inner-city kids.

UTMB Students

Mercyhurst PA program hosts “Dental Day” at Carpe Diem Academy.

Mercyhurst’s PA Program teamed up with the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) School of Dental Medicine to integrate oral health into the PA curriculum and to provide screenings and education at Carpe Diem Academy, a Mercyhurst-sponsored afterschool program.

To foster interprofessional education, dental faculty provided instruction about the relationship between oral health and systemic health as well as hands on experience performing basic oral health procedures such as the pediatric oral examination and fluoride varnish application. 

“It is important that proper dental care is integrated into medical care,” said Marcie Fitzgerald, MPAS, PA-C, clinical director of the Mercyhurst PA program. “We are on the frontlines of medicine, and we need to make sure that children are getting the proper care and referrals to dentists.” 

The dental and PA students then conducted screenings for dental caries and risk assessments for developing caries at Carpe Diem Academy.  Through interactive activities, the children were taught about fluoride, proper hygiene, and diet; and each child was given a gift bag to practice healthy habits at home.  Parents and caregivers were provided educational materials on pediatric oral health as well as dental referrals for their children, if needed. 

“Oral health is not only done by the dentist, but now needs to be part of family practice and routine yearly visits,” said Alyssa Byerly, participating Mercyhurst PA student.

The Mercyhurst PA Program looks forward to continuing their relationship with LECOM Dental School and bring “Dental Day” back to the community.  This project was supported by an nccPA Health Foundation grant that was part of the PA Leadership Initiative in Oral Health.  The initiative is supported by the NIIOH and its funders the DentaQuest Foundation and Washington Dental Service Foundation.  

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